What is Campuccino?

Campuccino was created out of my own need to get major news headlines from Cambodia in one place as there is currently no such thing at the moment. If you are here, I believe you know that the situation of media freedom in Cambodia is in a dire state. Consequently, this leads to a scarcity of quality reporting and independent news outlets.

Campuccino will attempt to collect headlines on important issues and topics in Cambodia from various news outlets and bundle them up under designated categories. I will include my two-cents as well because you know, perspectives matter.

What you will get?

A fortnightly-published newsletter delivered right to your inbox to keep you up-to-date with all things Cambodia from politics to economics to arts and culture.

Who’s Me?

Sou Sdei, I’m @DarathteyDin, writer of this newsletter, follower of quality news reported by badass journalists in Cambodia, supporter of media freedom, and maker of opinions.

I am Cambodian born and bred, and I love to write. No, I am not a journalist and never tried to be one. However, due to my previous experience of attempting to be a political blogger (oh the glory of freedom of expression during the 2013 election, how I miss you) and my profession in the field of communications, I found myself in the orbit of the media community in Cambodia.

What do I do when I’m not writing Campuccino, you might ask. Well, you can head to my LinkedIn profile to know all about my professional experiences.

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