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Is that really a good wave to ride though? I am older than you, my generation had mostly melodic music by actual musicians, with lyrics about love and hope and some protest, sometimes corny, but it was not angry victim music. I have no idea what they lyrics of this song are, but the images I see are disturbing: gangs, gang tattoos, Hell's Angel-type motorcycle jackets, choppers, smoking, chains, boomboxes, nightmare club scene, 10-year old boys making gangster rap hand signs. And most of all I see Angry Attitude in the eyes of the men, and the woman fighters, wtf, women fighting in a ring? So progressive. I did not see ONE adult smiling. Sheesh, please, do young people need these "heroes"? I don't get Cambodian men imitating black American gang culture as cool.

I am American, America is undergoing a terrible time. I blame black culture for many of the failures of black Americans, not racism. Rap/hip hop/gangster music was invented in the black ghettos of American cities. Young blacks are not following leaders like Obama with positive messages to study-hard, work-hard and succeed messages, from this kind of music. Positive, healthy, safe guidance is what they need, it is what all young people need.

Oh well that is just my take, but you asked what we think! Thanks for writing about your country.

-phil in saigon

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